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Updated: Feb 8

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Do you struggle with asking for help? I know I sure do! Admitting you're vulnerable and need someone else to assist you can be a very uncomfortable feeling. I also think that many of us still struggle with using technology to help us out. Even though we don't have to "ask for help" when using it, it still sort of feels like we'd be "cheating" at doing it all if we use a robot or app to help us cut corners in everyday life. A stigma still comes with ordering groceries online for many, like they aren't doing enough if they don't torture themselves with schlepping to the grocery store every week. We tell ourselves, "The anxiety caused by having to go into the store with two small children will compensate for all the other ways I've failed this week." 

Maybe you're one of those who enjoys going to the grocery store because it is the only time you ever get to yourself. If this is you, congratulations, enjoy your weekly 2 hours walking the aisles in peace! 

If the guilt isn't what's holding you back from ordering groceries online, maybe it's that you instantly realize it means you have to sign up for yet another account or membership that you have to pay for, and that thought alone is exhausting. What if you muster the energy to get signed up, but you worry you won't like it and will forget to cancel the membership before the free trial ends, and you'll end up paying for another forgotten membership? These are all valid reasons for not trying it or not wanting to. If this is you, you are not alone! In today's world, the last thing we need is another account with a password to keep up with and take our money without realizing it. 

However, if you often find yourself wishing there were a few more hours in each day because you never have time to get everything done that you have on your never-ending to-do list, I would recommend adding "order groceries" to your to-do- list. Stop stressing yourself out trying to survive the grocery store and forgetting half the items you need because you're just trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. I have tried multiple grocery delivery programs, which have brought a huge sigh of relief to my life. Being a program member has saved me a good deal of money through the deals and savings they offer to their members. Moreover, the amount of time I have saved has been life-changing. Since I became a Walmart+ member in November of 2023 I have saved over 14 hours of shopping time and over $160 in member savings. Not to mention, I receive Walmart Cash on eligible items, which can be applied towards my total at check out! With Instacart, I have saved 37.8 hours of time since I began using that platform in March of 2022. Every online order averages a savings of 1.4 hours of your life typically spent on a trip to the store, according to Instacart's calculations.... that totals 72.8 hours a year if you went to the store once a week! What would you do with an extra SEVENTY TWO hours this year?!

Ordering groceries initially feels awkward because you feel like you are going against your natural instincts and almost doing something wrong. But you will probably be hooked once you try it and see how easy it is and how much less stressful it is! I order groceries while sitting quietly and drinking my morning coffee or sitting on the couch with my husband instead of spending an hour and a half going to the store. I schedule them for pick up or delivery in a time frame that works best with my day and plans, and I don't have to worry about scheduling the extra hour into my already busy day. After you have ordered a few times, the app will save your 'last ordered' items to a list and you can open it to easily add your favorite and most purchased items to your cart quickly. As a personal concierge, my main goal in my business is to give my clients more free time to do the things they love. Ordering groceries online and skipping the store experience is a great way to add an extra couple of hours to your week and remove some stress from your life. 

There are several different programs worth trying; it just depends on what is best for you and your family and where you are located. I have a friend who raves about the Kroger delivery program, claiming it's affordable for a family of 4 and it adds so much value to her life. I have tried Instacart and Walmart+ and have loved both. My favorite thing about Walmart+, though, is that the prices online are the same as in-store. With Instacart, I noticed that several stores have higher prices when you use the app than in-store, so just be sure to double-check when ordering. Instacart offers delivery from a wide range of stores and can be helpful if you need something from a store other than a grocery store, such as Staples or Michaels. Sometimes the convenience is worth the extra couple of dollars. Walmart+ offers in-store pricing, free delivery on orders over $35, free shipping with no order minimum, and no service fees, so your end total isn't exorbitantly higher than you're expecting. Shed the guilt and use my link ( to try a year of Walmart+ and see how much time and money you save by allowing technology to help you with the groceries!


*Please remember that I may receive a commission when you click on our links to make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our reviews and comparisons. We will do our best to keep things fair and balanced to assist you in making the best decision for you.

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