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Concierge Services

From my time as a former personal assistant, I learned that I really enjoy helping people, especially if it makes their lives easier and their free time more meaningful. At Three Little Birds, I like to focus on your to-do list so that you can spend your valuable time focusing on what is most important to you, whether it be spending time with family or relaxing after a long week. If you feel overwhelmed with tasks you can't seem to get taken care of or just want your summer home to be ready for you when you arrive, I love to help with it all!

Errand Services

  • Grocery shopping

  • Gift shopping & wrapping

  • Personal shopping

  • DMV registration/renewals

  • Store returns/exchanges

  • Dry cleaning (pick up/ drop off)

  • Meal ordering (pick up/drop off)

  • Prescriptions (pick up)

  • Courier services (pick up/drop off)

  • Real Estate errands

  • And more...


House Sitting

  • Home watch check-ins

  • Rotating lights (on/off)

  • Newspaper (pickup)

  • Mail (pick up)

  • Restock refrigerator and pantry

  • Light house cleaning

  • Trash and recycling bin removal and return

  • Indoor plant care

  • Contractor liaison  (Cost + 10%)


Moving Services

  • Storage room locator

  • Moving quotes and scheduling

  • Moving and relocation assistance

  • Meeting movers at pickup and drop off

  • Packing & Unpacking Assistance

  • Organization

  • Donation Drop Offs

Cardboard Boxes

Bald Head Island

  • Grocery Shopping on Mainland and Delivery to Island

  • Delivery of Requested Items to Rental Property

  • Receiving Parcel Packages and Shipments & Delivery to Rental Property

  • House Stocking & Preparation Before Arrival

  • Special Occasion & Holiday Decorating Before Arrival or During Stay

Living Room

Real Estate

  • House Staging for Showings - often times, staging companies require a 3 room minimum. If you need just one area staged or some cozy touches to help make your space more welcoming, Three Little Birds can help!

  • Sign Management - We can help put out or retrieve sale signs, refill flyer boxes, etc.

  • Closing Gift Shopping & Gift Basket Making

Living Room

Personal Assistant

  • Personal assistance

  • Moving and relocation assistance

  • Event coordinating

  • Holiday assistance - decorating, shopping, etc.

  • Online sales assistance (eBay, etc.)


Small Business

  • Banking/Invoicing

  • Data entry

  • Courier

  • Copy/Fax/Print

  • Post Office /FedEx/UPS (pick  up/Drop off)

  • Internet research 

  • Assembling folders/binders

  • Restocking breakroom

  • Email management

  • Office supply (pickup/ordering)

Office with a View

Vacation Rentals

  • Property Check-ups.

  • Grocery stock services for guest

  • Household product stock services for guest and between rentals

  • Cleaning & maintenance service scheduling

  •  Additional touches such as party occasion decorating services 

  • Trash & Recycling bin rotation to street & back for pickup services

  • Package pricing available upon request for Property Management services

Beach House

Wait Services

  • Gas and Water Meter Reading 

  • Register Motor Vehicles

  • Receiving Parcel Packages and Shipments 

  • Cable/Computer/Phone Installs and Repair

  • Home Appliance and Furniture Deliveries

  • Pest Control

  • Home/Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Change of address USPS

  • Wait Services

Living Room

Holiday Assistance

  • In-Home Decorating

  • Decor Clean Up and Storage @ the end of the season

  • Gift shopping

  • Gift Wrapping

  • Event Planning & In-Home Party Assistance

  • Show up to your vacation home for the holidays with it completely decorated, stocked and ready to enjoy!

  • Meal ordering (pick up/drop off)

  • Floral Design

  • Errand Services


Concierge Services - $55/hr

Preparation for donation

All Concierge Services Are Charged By The Hour Unless You Purchase a Package   *One Hour Minimum Required

If you would like any organizational tasks performed, you will be charged organizational hourly rates for that task.

  • Mileage is tracked and charged at $0.66/mile, whether it be for errand services or traveling to and from your property. See 'How It Works' for more details. Purchasing a package is a great way to avoid mileage fees.

  • If a Concierge shops and purchases items for you on their card, shopping time is charged at this hourly rate + 10% of total shopping bill is charged as a service fee. Reimbursement is Required Within 24Hrs of purchase.

  • If a Concierge schedules and manages any service for you over $5,000

(IE: Handyman, Kitchen Remodel, etc.), 10% of the total bill for that service will be charged to the client as a service fee.

Package Pricing

Concierge Desk


4 Hour Package

  • 4 Hours of Concierge Services included

  • No Mileage Charges

  • Good for one month - no rollover hours


6 Hour Package

  • 6 Hours of Concierge Services included

  • No Mileage Charges

  • Good for one month - no rollover hours


8 Hour Package

  • 8 Hours of Concierge Services included

  • No Mileage Charges

  • Good for one month - no rollover hours

Holiday Decor & Home Stagings
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