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Organization Services

As a professional organizer, I realize not everyone loves, or even enjoys organizing the way I do. As a human, I realize it is often difficult to ask for help. Inviting someone into your home and asking them to organize your belongings is a very personal experience that can often leave you feeling vulnerable. Three Little Birds wants you to know that this is a JUDGEMENT FREE service! I am so thankful for the opportunity to help and bring order to your daily life, so don't let fear hold you back from turning your space into the relaxing oasis you've been dreaming of.

Decluttering & Organizing

Relaxing can be challenging if your home is cluttered and disorganized. I'll work to organize all the rooms in your home that you need help with, from the linen closet to the kitchen and beyond, while removing unwanted items and creating more functional spaces for you to enjoy.

Garage & Attic Spaces

Regain much needed valuable space to park your car or set up the home gym you've always wanted in your garage or attic with this service. From simply decluttering to installing new shelving systems, I can organize these areas and give you more space for your items that aren't used on a daily basis. 

Office Spaces

Do you have piles of paperwork that need filing? Do you need a filing system created? I can help you get your work space cleaned out and organized so that you can be more efficient and work in a peaceful environment all while easily finding things you need and use regularly. 

Moving Services

Together: I will help you sort through items, declutter and unpack what is most important and help you organize your new space. 

Individual: I will unpack and organize your new home for you.

Closets & Pantries

These spaces are most important because we utilize them every day! So often we don't use much of our 'stuff' because we don't even know we have it. I can help you get everything organized and visible so that you can stop wasting money and time repurchasing things you might already own! 

Craft Rooms

If you have more crafts than you know what to do with and aren't able to enjoy your crafting time due to the chaos of your items, let me help! From color coding to organizing tiny little beads, I can help you get your arts and crafts into a functional system that allows you to easily locate what you need for each project!

Pricing & Services

Folding Clothes

Basic Organization

Decluttering, Organizing & Working with Products You Already Own


Pinterest Perfect

Basic Organization + New Organizational Products, Labeling & Making your Pinterest Board a Reality

*Additional $25/HR


Basic Organization

4 HR Session

4 HR sessions are great for:

  • setting goals

  • creating an organization plan

  •  beginning the decluttering & organizing process. 

Do not expect to get major changes accomplished in 4 hours, but great beginning progress and mindset shifts can be made in this time frame.

 4 HR Sessions are perfect for Organization Maintenance! If you have already had an organizer help you get your space exactly how you want it, but you need a little help keeping it that way, a 4 HR session is a perfect way to maintain your organization with the help of a pro!


Basic Organization

6 HR Session

6 HR sessions are the sweet spot! This timeframe allows for setting goals, decluttering, and organizing without burning out. Clients can make noticeable changes in 6 hours.

*Keep in mind that decluttering and organizing can be very taxing on a client when it is an unnatural process in their daily lives. 


Basic Organization

8 HR Session

An 8-hour session provides ample time for significant changes to take place in a space. This session can be demanding and is not suitable for those who lack endurance, but it can also be the most gratifying when a significant and visible transformation is achieved at the end.


Garages, Attics & Outdoor Spaces

Call for Pricing

These spaces usually involve more heavy lifting, maneuvering in tighter, more difficult areas and are subject to heat and other  less desirable weather conditions.

* Please note, we will not organize an attic or un-airconditioned/unheated space if the weather conditions are extreme and could be threatening to an employees well-being. 

Next Steps

  • Complete our Contact Form or send us a text and we will schedule a free phone consultation with you!

  •  We may request some pictures of the space or decide to do an in-person walk through, depending on how the initial consultation goes.​

    • If we decide to do an in-person walk through, there will be a $50 consultation fee that will be applied towards your service once you book.

  •  After we have a clear goal set, we will decide together on a time frame that you are most comfortable with, then a 50% deposit will be collected in order to reserve your service time in our books.

  • Once your full service is complete, final payment is due on site at the end of your session time. If you have multiple sessions scheduled, we will collect draw payments at the end of each session. 


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