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Make Something Better Today

Updated: Jan 16

I know this doesn't come as a shock to most, but we have only one lifetime. One chance to accomplish our dreams, travel to different places and do the things we love. Sometimes, life may seem to be dragging on, but we have only a short time on this beautiful planet in the grand scheme of things. Every morning that I'm given the opportunity to wake up and live another day, I am inspired to make each day meaningful. As Christians, we are called to live each day to the fullest while always trying to be more like Christ. This belief pours over into other areas of my life, driving me to want to improve daily and make the most of my time here. Whether learning something new, improving my mental or emotional health, or fixing something in my house to make it more functional or beautiful, there is always something to be made better each day. If I can go to bed each night knowing that I made someone else's life or something better today, I can sleep peacefully.

As a Personal Concierge and Professional Organizer, my primary goal is to improve my clients' lives. By organizing their space and bringing peace to their home or enabling them to enjoy some much-needed free time, I strive to make things better through my business. That being said, it is easier to do the work than it is to "post" about. Also, due to our clients' privacy, it is difficult to post real-life content. After spending the majority of 2023 feeling like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what stuck, I tried figuring out the best way to grow Three Little Birds in 2024. From this, The Bird's Nest was born!

In an effort to 'make my business better' this year, I am committed to learning how to grow my business' online presence. Just having a business doesn't seem to be enough these days; you have to create the whole thing online for everyone to view through social media, too. So here I am, at the beginning of 2024, 38 years old and a brand new business owner, with no formal social media training and minimal experience in brand building, saying, "Why Not? Let's Do This!" Hopefully, you will stick with me as I try to figure out how to grow an authentic audience. As an ordinary woman, I have struggled to find my "niche," like everyone keeps suggesting. People always tell me to be authentic and relatable and just be myself. So, naturally, my first thoughts are, "I am awkward, never camera-ready at any given moment in my week, and do I even know anything worth sharing that people don't already know!?" In truth, I have no clue how to relate to people I don't know through the internet, but I will give it my best shot with this blog! I do not consider myself an expert on any topic. I don't have a rare, particular skill, and nothing stands out as unique about me (to myself, at least), so how on earth do I move forward building a brand and a blog when I am unsure where to even start?

I start by just trying to make something better today. And hopefully, that will be enough to inspire others to do the same in their lives. I'm not a professional writer or blogger, so please be kind as I explore this new avenue of creativity. My goal is to be real and relatable while sharing ideas, products, processes, and other things to help us improve every little thing in our lives. Thank you for being here with me, and I hope you join me on this journey of learning how to make things better!

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